Privacy Statement assures to protect your privacy at fullest with complete dedication. Your trust with our firm is valued and ensure of usage of information for a personalized experience. Our dedicated team works head to safeguard your privacy and offers best of services to make you trust us completely. It would be advisable to read the following policy statement as this will make you understand clearly the usage of your personal information for our services. The given below document gives you a complete description of procedures and tools that are used for your interactions with other users. Kindly read the statement carefully. For any further queries, you can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further quarries.

User Agreement of is supplemented with the statement. Thus, the terms and conditions governs the statement. In case of any disagreement between statement and agreement, terms of this specific statement shall make things under control.

It is to be noted that this statement is applicable to the information related to the It is not at all related to the practices for information which have been collected from somewhere else by or any third parties, such as those who are running sites on’s behalf or those who are exhibiting the branding of .

For Unregistered Users

We would like to inform you that is optimized for registered users only. If you become a registered user, you would be able to avail various benefits like writing your own opinions, comments and reviews on a particular product or service that appreciate or disappoint you.

For those who want to be a non registered users, they would be able to some certain part of the site. Well, in that conditions, the visitor IP address will be obtained by for the analysis of the URLs that enable the visitor to visit our site.

Registered user

For those who want to act as registered user, saves your passwords along with preferences and would offer the registered user with more personalized experience. Currently, is not using cookies for the storage of login sessions.

Registration Information

While registration process, will ask you some information. In case you are getting yourself registered at a co-branding site then the co-brander may transfer some or complete requisite information to the

Reasons for the Usage of Registration Information by

  • As stated in the Agreement for distribution of email on your request on the site for promotional purpose or newsletter. On the registration page, if you tick the applicable boxes. For administrative purposes like informing the user regarding any change in the agreement or statement or to contact you for the purpose of promotional e-mails and future offers.
  • Some special occasions, like becoming a featured reviewer, getting more exposure to the site or accruing more benefits in future.
  • Banner advertisement with the site will be displayed to you exclusively. Thus, or ad server will offer you connection with the focused criteria and not the advertiser.
  • Account page also offers options, where you can select to get your registration displayed or not publicly.


In case, you are registering with a co-branded site then may need to offer the co-branded partner with some or your complete registration information. However, will make usage of your information according to the statement.  It does not have complete control over the usage or disclosure of such information by the co-branded partner. The co-branded partner is fully governed with the privacy policies. In case, you are concerned about the privacy policy of the co-branded partner then you can contact them.

The registered user can send a request for the cancellation of the registration to the site or removal of all the information regarding registration from records by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your request will be confirmed with a confirmation email acknowledging your account has been successfully removed. Your registration has major possibilities to get removed from live database of However, the residual information may remain exist in archives and somewhere in old records. It is to be notified that your registration information with the co-brand partners is not under the control of and we may not be able to make changes to your registration information which is having with the co-brand partners. In case of violation of the agreement, your account will be terminated without any prior notice and will save some of your basic information for the prevention of re-registration of account in future.

Your Opinions / reviews

Information submitted by you as an opinion / reviews gets automatically displayed on site, after crossing all the software filters. Such information will be used in accordance with the license granted in the agreement. It comprises of right to use opinion of certain teaser such as user identity and image all across the site, as well as on other sites, web and offline also.

It is to be noted that in case of your registration with the co-branded site, may transfer your opinions to the co-brand partner for their display and usage. Users can also change their Opinions any time with the aid of tools available on each Opinion page, as the Subject to Limitations which has been discussed in the Agreement. If you want to delete your comment then you need to make a request at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) citing reasons. Depending on the validity of the request, your request may or may not be granted. Your privacy will be guarded by in all circumstances, as stated in the policy. Incase of transfer of your opinion to other sites or parties, changes may not be able to propagate to other places.

Comments on opinions / reviews

If you post comments on the Opinion of other people, your opinions will be displayed automatically exhibiting your identity. If you rate the opinion anonymously, the same process will follow, it may take time subject to verification an automated e-mail will send to user as notification. will transfer your comments to third parties, if the associated opinion is also transferred.

Personal Profile Pages

Users are allowed to exhibit lots of personal information with the tools which will edit personal profile page. While editing the preferences on the page, you have lots of selections regarding the display or hide the specific information. You can change this information at any point of time. It is to be notified that linking of your photo with any URL will lead to the displaying of it at several places across the site. will not transfer your complete personal profile to the third parties. However, a few pieces of personal information from profile page will be transferred according to your instructions. It will be according to the Registration Information or described in Statement.

Rating and Trusted Circle of User

Users personalize experiences based on personal interests is regarded as one of the most powerful aspects with the usage of Trusted Circle. Your earlier experiences on the site will be analyzed based on your ratings, Opinions, the database of Opinions will be dynamically sorted out and will be in accordance of your interests. gathers all your interactions with other users and process accordingly when you use this opinion. Your frequent interactions with others will lead to the personalizing of your subsequent uses in the site.

Your id will be displayed when you rate or comments on others opinion. This will lead to the viewing by opinion author or other readers of your opinion or rating. However, if you make a special request to (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), you can also hide your identity while rating on an opinion by opinion basis.

There is also an option of hiding or disclosing of identity in trusting and distrusting others by following the instructions in the site. In case of distrust or trust of other member, you cannot hide your ID. On the other hand, if you decide to hide the list of trusted or distrusted member then both the trusted and distrusted members will come to know their status.

Credit Redemption

Additional information of the  user will be asked by for process a request for credit redemption. Such information may be used in the records of and will be treated as business records. Your mailing address will be used for sending information related credit redemption, limited period or for other communications. To exhibit your earning success, will feature your id in the promotional materials.

Email Notifications offers privilege of receiving emails when any activity occurs. For instance, user will be sent an email when some member writes an Opinion or comment. Other member will be able to see that you have chosen for the notification of any opinion written by other member.

 Scratch-Pad Feature

With the useful Scratch-pad feature, user is allowed to store links and notes in a safe place in the personalized account. The information which is stored in the notebook by user will not be displayed on the profile page or any other public areas of, except it may be specified.

Integrated Services

Currently, does not provide any integrated services which are run by the third parties as part of registration process. We expect this to happen in future, where we may transfer some registration information to the third party for the integrated services.

Internal Analyses and Reports

All the information stored in the database will be used by for the analysis of site and user behavior, troubleshoot technical problems, resolving disputes and addressing of complaints.

Other Information

Personal information can be specifically used which vary from this Privacy Statement (if any) may be available across the site. While submission of information on the site, you are notified of privacy practices which are different than the Privacy Statement, those alternative disclosures will govern that submission.

Collection of data by survey or similar process by where the page does not link to this statement. In such circumstances either you are informed or you should assume that all information from such pages will be treated as valuable business records.

There are various ways by which collects information about you that are not described elsewhere in this statement. For example, sending email through a customer service email address, or complaint about you from a third party. The information uses and discloses this information in a commercially reasonable business manner.

Children: is quite strict with the protection of privacy of children and encourages involvement of parents with kids during interactive activity they participate in online. If user is 12 or younger then you are not eligible to use the site. We collect your age information through the registration process and under 18 are asked to use the site with the help of your parents or guardians of legal age. However, they are not eligible to participate in the Points program.

Contractors and Third Party Service Providers: uses contractors to help with operations. Some or all of these contractors may access the databases of user information. Usually these contractors will enter into an agreement that places restrictive provisions on their use and disclosure of all information they obtain through the relationship.

We may also offer third party service providers to help with certain aspects of its operations that may require disclosure of your personal information. For example, third party service provider may be used to mail points redemption rewards, serve ads, or deliver some or all of the emails sent as part of the site's normal operation. Again, huge restrictions on the ability of these third parties to use and disclose your personal information except as necessary to perform the services they are asked to perform.

The "Corporate Family":
We may share some or all of your information with its subsidiaries or parent company (if any in future), in such case will ask entities to honor the promises in this Statement. In addition, as part of a diligence review, we may disclose some or all of your personal information to a potential acquirer or merger partner, although in this case we would try to restrict their use and disclosure of this information.


Government Relations and Lawsuits:
In cases of government compulsion the disclosure of information about you, and of course will need to comply. However, irrespective of those situations, can unilaterally turn over information about you to the government if it believes such disclosure to be appropriate, in which case you authorize it to do so. You also consent to disclosing information about you to actual or potential parties to a lawsuit that is or may become involved in (a) if it is required to do so, (b) if it reasonably believes that such disclosures will potentially mitigate its liability, or (c) to enforce its rights.

Collecting Personal Information from the Site:

Friendships also developed through the site, and wants the community to be vibrant, positive and engaged. However, not every user wants to engage and we believe each user should have the right to set the boundaries in accordance with their comfort zone. Thus, you may not collect, use or store any personal information about other users on the site for any purpose whatsoever unless the user invites you to do so. Thus, if a user displays an email address in his or her personal profile, you can assume that the user is willing to receive a single personal email from you that has some relation to the site. However, without that user's permission, you may not contact the user about something that has nothing to do with, store that user's contact information in a database for further communications, or continue to contact the user if they have requested you not to. In all circumstances, as described in the Agreement, you may not use robots, scripts or other automated procedures to collect any information, including user contact information, from the site. You may also not email users inviting them to join your own review site under any circumstance-doing so is a theft of's valuable rights and an affront to users. Protection of its users' interests-and its own interests-very vigorously in this regard.

Your Use of Email Tools

Some tools are provided by for sending email to friends. The email comprises of email address, any personal message. The email tool may not be used for sending spam and content that violate the agreement. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not send "Tell a Friend" invitations to anyone who would not welcome the message or post any invitations to any web sites, message boards, mail lists or USENET groups.


A few restriction such as temporary glitch in software which led to the displaying of your personal info is unavoidable. Although you have set your priorities other way. In such circumstances, will try to sort out the problem at earliest.

Security Practices
For the security of databases having user information, applied standard industry techniques. Apt firewalls and limits are installed to monitor who can access the database of information. But you must know that internet has no complete security.